Sunday, 9 October 2011

Quirky Collection!

Here is the first viewing of a few of my new items from my quirky new collection!!! It's taken me all summer but I finally have some new pieces to share with you!

The first is a bracelet made with alternative coloured wooden beads and green jade gemstone beads. Threaded onto elastic for easy application, this bracelet is perfect for many occasions! (Also available with black onyx rice beads)

Priced at only £2.00, quality and style can be afforded!!!


Another popular choice of bead that I like to use in my jewellery are heart shaped beads. There are so many different shapes... sizes... colours... and materials!!!!

These particular heart beads are made from stone, and are a 'snowflake' colour. Combined with these beautiful little apricot jade gemstone beads, they make this extra cute little bracelet!!!

Apricot & Snowflake heart bracelet - £3.00. 



A previous blog about my purple heart beaded bracelet sparked quite a bit of attention, and it is one of my most popular orders from regular customers! So in order to expand and make this bracelet a little bit more interesting, I have also designed a pair of dangle earrings to match!

The bracelet itself only £2.49 to purchase, the earrings £2.00. Buy as a set and save £1.00!!!

So here's a little taster of some of my new collection! Please let me know what you think, and more gemstone jewellery will be following shortly!

See you soon bloggers!!! x x

Tuesday, 2 August 2011



I have been away developing a new collection, completing my exams and taking a short break in the Caribbean, but now I'M BACK! I went mad, buying a whole new batch of beads and designing some beautiful new jewellery designs, perfect for everyone!!!

So, look out over the next few weeks for all my new designs to keep you updated!!

Ta ta for now bloggerssss!!!!!! x

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Purple Heart Beaded Braceket

Another of my recent additions to my bracelet pieces! This beautiful pink and purple heart bracelet is a summer necessity! Made with pink glass pearl beads, purple foil heart shaped beads and elastic. There are only two available so get your orders in quick! Only £2.49... who could resist???

Coming soon @

 Chow for now! x

Plain and Simple

Afternoon followers and a bright afternoon it is!

Bright Pink
Medium Purple
Here's some more editions to my ever growing jewellery making collection.
Plain and simple, these crackle glass bracelets are ideal for everyday wear and brighten up any outfit!

Available in Bright Pink, Royal Blue and Medium Purple and priced at £1.99 these bracelets are perfect for everyone!

Available soon on
Royal Blue

Friday, 18 February 2011

Eventually the Cupcake Necklaces arrive!!


Sorry its been so long to get the finished necklaces to appear... a few technical issues decided to make its move on me! But here, eventually as promised are the finished products! Hope the wait was worth it! Let me know what you think and what other colours cupcakes you would like to see!

Enjoy! x x

Both of the fimo cupcakes were made by hand and baked off in the comfort of my own home! Priced at £3.99 they can again be found on my website:

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Fimo Cupcakes

Hi there bloggers!

So I was inspired by all of the fimo products that I have recently been buying and decided to give it a go for myself! The cupcakes that I bought which I used to make the raspberry ripple necklace on a recent post, inspired me to make my own little fimo cupcakes in a range of different colours! Here are three started pictures of some I have made.

They are made with fimo clay and this picture was taken before they were baked off in the oven. I will then glaze them with fimo gloss, allow to dry and then make them into cupcake charms for my necklace! The finished product will soon be posted so keep watching!

Ta ta for now bloggers! x x

Friday, 28 January 2011

Orange and Kiwi Fimo Beaded Bracelets

Hello bloggers,

These are just some of the new editions that have been added to my site. They are very cute orange and kiwi fimo beads elasticated braceles. Again they are available in small, medium and large and come with a range of different coloured plastic beads inbetween the fruit! They are just too cute to miss out on! Priced at £2.49 you wouldn't want to miss out on these beauties!

See you soon bloggers! x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Raspberry Ripple Cake Necklace

The newest edition to my jewellery collection is this beautiful Raspberry Ripple Cake Necklace, which is made with a fimo cake charm which sits on a silver plated 18" chain.
A lovely necklace that can be worn for any occasion whether by day or by night!
Priced at only £4.99 another bargain from
There's only ten available so hurry and pick up your beautiful bargain today!

Hemp Bracelets

Appearing tonight on Robson's Jewellery more of the hemp bracelets that I promised! Here they are:

6mm Navey Hemp Bracelet, available in small, medium and large - £2.99
6mm Pink Hemp Bracelet, available in small, medium and large - £2.99
6mm Black Leather Hemp Bracelet, available in small only - £3.29
1.5mm Tan Leather Hemp Bracelet, available in medium only - £2.99
6mm White Hemp Bracelet, available in small, medium and large - £2.99

Friday, 21 January 2011

**NEW** Items!

Heyho, me again!

Some new hemp bracelets in new exciting colours soon to be appearing on
Choose from navey, white, tan, black and pink, available in small, medium and large sizes. Priced at £2.99 who can resist! See you on there folks!

Ta ta for now! x