Sunday, 9 October 2011

Quirky Collection!

Here is the first viewing of a few of my new items from my quirky new collection!!! It's taken me all summer but I finally have some new pieces to share with you!

The first is a bracelet made with alternative coloured wooden beads and green jade gemstone beads. Threaded onto elastic for easy application, this bracelet is perfect for many occasions! (Also available with black onyx rice beads)

Priced at only £2.00, quality and style can be afforded!!!


Another popular choice of bead that I like to use in my jewellery are heart shaped beads. There are so many different shapes... sizes... colours... and materials!!!!

These particular heart beads are made from stone, and are a 'snowflake' colour. Combined with these beautiful little apricot jade gemstone beads, they make this extra cute little bracelet!!!

Apricot & Snowflake heart bracelet - £3.00. 



A previous blog about my purple heart beaded bracelet sparked quite a bit of attention, and it is one of my most popular orders from regular customers! So in order to expand and make this bracelet a little bit more interesting, I have also designed a pair of dangle earrings to match!

The bracelet itself only £2.49 to purchase, the earrings £2.00. Buy as a set and save £1.00!!!

So here's a little taster of some of my new collection! Please let me know what you think, and more gemstone jewellery will be following shortly!

See you soon bloggers!!! x x