Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Favourite Ebay Shops and Sellers

Hi Ya'll, just me again! Seem to be blogging a lot today! So to help all you inspiring jewellery makers get started, here's a list of some of my favourite Ebay shops and sellers that I regually purchase my jewllery supplies from, hope it helps!

Beadaddicts (99.9%): 

Beadaddicts is probably my favourite Ebay shop. They offer such high quality items at cheap prices, that you just can't go wrong! They supply a huge range of different types of beads that can be used for making both bracelets and earrings. Their range includes glass pearl beads, Gemstone beads, plastic beads, crackle and Czech glass beads, lampwork beads, seed beads, fimo/clay beads and many many more. Along with their range of beads they also have a great range of jewellery findings, essential for making your own charm bracelets, necklaces, fish hook earrings and beaded bracelets. They have a good range of Tibetan Silver charms which can be used for making necklaces and bracelets, along with a small selection of Tibetan Silver Plated charms. And finally, jewellery making tools and special glues can be purchased in their Tools section.

I regually order supplies off beadaddicts and would highly recommend their silver plated fish hook earring findings, their Tibetan Silver charms and their headpins and eyepins, used for making earrings. I made this Bow and Angel Charm Bracelet out of their Tibetan Silver Charms. They offer combined postage for multiple items.

 To visit the Beadaddicts shop visit:

K2-Accessories-07 (99.8%):

Most of the beads that I purchase for my earrings and my beaded bracelets are purchased from K2-Accessories-07. Their shop again sells a range of different items that are perfect for many different crafts. Their biggest ranges of beads that they sell are crackle glass, crystal glass and glass pearl beads. They offer a bigger range of beads to Beadaddics and have a bigger variety of colours and sizes of beads. They also have a range of quantities of the beads to meet everyone's needs. Their beads are very similar priced to Beadaddicts and they again offer combined postage for multiple items. Jewellery findings are also sold by K2-Accessories-07 and they offer a similar range to Beadaddicts. They sell a range of necklace cords, mobile phone cords and broach back bar pins, ideal for making a few more different types of jewellery. A range of gift bags for items can also be purchased from their Ebay shop.

Most of the glass pearl beads that I use to make my hooked earrings are bought from K2-accessories-07, such as the beads used in the picture. Their range of beads is perfect for making earrings of every colour in various sizes. This pair of earrings that I have made uses findings and eyepins bought from Beadaddicts, and a 4mm blue crackle glass bead, a 6mm pearl glass bead followed by a 8mm foil glass bead, all bought from K2-Accessories-07.

To view the K2-Accessories-07 shop visit:

Eroewens_Beads (14669):

This is another good site for beads and jewellery findings. They sell a range of different shapes of beads such as foil heart beads in a variety of colours. Again, beading materials such a chains and leather cords are also sold. I mainly buy my chains for my bracelets from Eroewens Beads and a range of foil beads for my earrings.

The green square beads used on the bottom of this pair of earrings were bought from Eroewens Beads, as were the purple hearts beads used on the pair of earrings on the picture on the right. Both pairs of earrings are earrings that I have made. They also offer combined postage costs, which you will find with most of the Ebay shops.

To view Eroewens Beads Ebay Shop visit:

Sanctuary Beads:

This Ebay Shop is a great Ebay shop as it pretty much offers the buyer everything they need for jewellery making. I haven't used this Ebay Shop much yet but what I have used it for is to buy waxed cord which I use to make Hemp Bracelets. I bought a range of different coloured spools of waxed cord at very cheap prices.

Hemp bracelets are made by knotting the cord in a certain way to create a pattern so a lot of cord is used for each bracelet so its essential to buy a cord that is sold for a good price. Here is a 2mm hemp bracelet that I have made using waxed cord that I have bought from Sanctuary beads. In the future I will be buying other jewellery supplies off Sanctuary beads as they offer a great range of choice.

To visit Sanctuary Beads' Ebay Shop visit:


This is site is a good site for packging your jewellery and buying items to keep it clean. I use this site to purchase grip seal bags as they offer a number of different sizes and quantities at extremelly good prices. I use grip seal bags to package the jewellery that I have made, to keep it clean and to help it provide some protection when in the post to my customers.

I sell a small range of wholesale beads on my site, which I buy in bulk and seperate up and the grip seal bags are perfect for this! The picture on the left is 100pices of orange crackle glass beads in a grip seal bag in which I bought from The Little House of Treasures. The bigger bags also enable me to keep my materials and beads together before I make them into jewellery. The Little House of Treasures often has sales on its grip seal bags when people are buying in bulk so they are never short of a good deal! To visit their site visit:

That's a list of some of the Ebay sites that I have found most useful, but i'm always open to finding more good sites that other people reccommend so if you have a site that you think would offer anything that I might want or need please let me know!

Ta ta for now bloggers! x

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