Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Turquoise Pearl Bracelet

 Similar to my last new edition, this Turquoise Pearl Bracelet is cute and perfect for every occasion!

Made again with a strecth elastic and 4mm turquoise glass pearl beads. Very easy and cheap to make too! Here's how its done:

1. Purchase some stretch elastic, and some pearl beads of your size and colour.
2. Begin threading the beads onto the elastic until you have your correct sized bracelet to fit your wrist.
3.Tie a normal knot and then repeat whilst pulling tight until you see the elastic pulling all of the beads together.
4. Tie another knot to be extra safe that the know will not come undone.

Hints and tips:

You can pull on the stetch cord elastic as hard as you want and it will not snap. Good quality beads of all types can be purchased on Ebay for very reasonable prices. It takes only 10-15 minutes to make a bracelet like this so if cheap, fun and easy to do!

Check out my next blog, which will feature some of my favourite sellers on ebay, in which I purchase a lot of my jewellery supplies from for all you inspiring jewellery makers out there!

Ta ta for now! x

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